Preparing for Surgery

For Our Patients -­ Preparing for Surgery

After you and Dr. Hadcock have decided on a treatment plan, Cindy will help you arrange the next steps for surgery. We will discuss realistic time frames for each step and facilitate scheduling additional appointments.


Pre­-Surgery Appointment

Cindy will discuss pre-­op safety precautions and infection prevention, how to complete any necessary tests before surgery and what to expect in general for your surgery. If you are having lymph node surgery, visual aids to review the lymphatic system and a lymphedema risk assessment is performed. If we think you are at high risk for lymphedema, a referral to a certified lymphatic therapist is made to provide in-­depth education and management.

Cindy will also review post-­operative care, including how to manage activity, what clothing we recommend and drain care instruction if needed. She will review pain management and give you written home care instructions so that your surgery and recovery is as comfortable and straightforward as possible. Your post operative appointment time and date will be scheduled at your pre-­surgery appointment. A card will be included in your packet of forms.

Recommendations to Prevent Surgical Site Infections