After Surgery

For Our Patients -­ After Surgery


Dr. Hadcock will see you at your post operative visits to check how your incisions are healing and to review your pathology results. You will always have an appointment roughly 7 days after surgery. Depending on the type of surgery and what else is coming up, further appointments are scheduled as required. Dr. Hadcock will also make sure that you are on your way to the other portions of your treatment such as chemotherapy and/or radiation, and that you have the resources needed for continued education and support for these next steps.

Even when you are discharged to “as necessary” follow up, please remember that you are always welcome to return to us to evaluate a new problem or continuing problem or concern. We love seeing our patients doing well after surgery and welcome informal visits just to say hello.


Discharge Instructions for Breast Excisions

Discharge Instructions for Lymph Node Surgery

Information on Lymphedema

Discharge Instructions for Mastectomy Patients

Surgery Aftercare Exercises