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I am Dr. Margaret Hadcock, a board certified surgeon practicing surgery in Fresno since 1984.  In 1993, I dedicated my practice exclusively to the care of patients with breast disease when I recognized a need for personalized, streamlined care for patients here in the valley, especially those needing assistance with the complex task of coordinating care with multiple specialists.


My staff and I are dedicated to humanizing the experience of being a patient, as well as recognizing and respecting the needs for each patient's specific circumstances. This flexible and patient-centered approach means that treatment plans and decisions are made with your needs and input in mind. Patients and families with genetic predispositions to cancer can be monitored preventatively and we will work collaboratively with all the doctors in your care team to ensure seamless, top-quality care for new patients, survivors and their families.


I personally perform each patient's initial consultation, plan and perform your surgery, and attend to your post-operative care. I will call you to discuss pathology as soon as they are available in a manner that best helps you understand what those findings mean for you. A copy of your pathology report is always given to you at your first post op visit, and  is sent to your team of physicians. Other records are always available for you upon request.


Through continuing education, I have added advanced surgical techniques, management approaches, and increased knowledge of risk assessment in my practice. Advanced lumpectomy techniques known as “oncoplastic” often give more satisfactory margins and appearance of the breast post-operatively. My plastic surgery colleague is skilled both artistically and surgically, and is kind and knowledgeable as well. I participate in the multidisciplinary breast conference at St. Agnes Hospital. National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for breast cancer management are followed. I work closely with certified lymphatic therapists, recognizing the importance of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema. Services are provided through Therapeutic Touch or St. Agnes Hospital Physical Therapy.  Education and ongoing support of patients and survivors is of the utmost importance to us, and we are happy to assist you with information, resources and guidance for every aspect of your continued journey.


I am also proud to participate in the Mastery of Breast Surgery program of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. This collaborative program is designed to help dedicated breast surgeons collect and monitor diagnostic and treatment data for current and at-risk patients. Through participation in the Mastery program we have current and comprehensive data regarding treatment and results across the country. This is the groundwork to truly advancing care for everyone.  We can more easily bring in the findings of current research and provide the highest standards of care and cutting-edge treatments for each patient’s individual needs.

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